A River Cruise Through The Wine Country of France

September 12, 2013 Posted by Richard N. Wight

It’s been a long time since I posted to the Travel Blog…..well, it’s been a long time since I travelled!  However…..here we go again!!

This time it’s France.

In only 9 days BJ and I in the company of our friends; Allen & Julie, Layne & Jenny and Jeff & John will embark upon an epic journey to sample the sights, sounds, food and drink of the South of France from a Viking River Cruise.

There will be some time spent prior to the cruise in Paris and following the cruise in Cassis.  I will try to post many photos and bring everyone with us daily via this blog.  This should be interesting as I’m not taking my laptop…instead I’ll try to do this all from my little ASUS tablet.  Bonne Chance to me!

This week and next will be taken up by the more mundane tasks involved with preparation….International Driving Permits, ensuring cell service, getting innoculations brought up to date, distilling camera gear to the minimum requirements etc.  You’ve all done it yourselves for other vacations and trips…..such never changes, eh?

One other minor twist this time…as of August 1 BJ and I quit consuming animal sourced food.  Yup, totally vegan.  In France the avoidance of Beurre (butter), fromage (cheese) and produits  laitiers (dairy) as well as all forms of viande (meat) may be viewed as truly scandalous!  Or… perhaps if we ask nicely and with respect the chefs will rise to the challenge.  We shall see.

That being said….neither BJ nor I are fanatical with regard to our diets….should we be presented with a particularly lovely cheese or an out-of-this-world-don’t-you-dare-miss-this meat dish….we’re not above cheating a little … it’s just got to feel like it’s worth any feelings of guilt that might be involved. (grinning)


More as the trip nears.

Cheers all,